No. 1 : Quick Recipe

Tea Poached Summer’s Best Peaches

  • 4 Cups Brewed Rooibos* Tea
  • ½ Cup Honey (Local)
  • 4 Peaches, halved, and pitted 
  • Vanilla Gelato
  • 2 TB Chopped Crystallized Ginger
  • Mint for Garnish

Step One

In a large saucepan, heat the tea and honey until just boiling. Add the peach halves with cut side facing up. Reduce the heat to low and cook until tender, when they can be pierced easily with a skewer, about 8 minutes. Remove the peaches from the sauce. (If the sauce is still very liquid, you may want to reduce it further by continuing to simmer it. Make sure to  remove the peaches before reducing the liquid.)

Step Two

To serve, place the peach in a bowl and top with vanilla gelato. Drizzle additional sauce over the top and crumble the ginger over the top. Garnish with fresh mint.


No. 2 : Kitchen Scoop

*Rooibos is actually a legume that is made into tea – often called Bush Tea in South Africa. The word Rooibos means Red Bush in the native Afrikaners language, and you will discover why when you brew a cup.  Power packed with antioxidants, the tea is a beautiful deep red color, as you can see in the picture above! Caffeine free, it’s a super alternative to traditional black teas, and as a  tasty alternative to a cup of often enjoyed green tea. 

No. 3 : Clever Idea

I wait patiently for peach season each year – buying and enjoying them in lots of ways, from right out of my hand to poaching and salsa, from salads to casseroles. I find peaches to be the perfect counterpart to the sourness of vinegar, and a match make in heaven for chicken and pork from the grill. During Peach season, try substituting them for any recipe calling for mangoes, pineapples or other tropical fruit. You will be amazed at the flavor a sweet juicy peach can bring to your food.

No. 4 : Wine FIND of the Week

La Torreta Moscato
Around $12.00

I’m normally not a big fan of Moscato… Except when it comes to peaches. Moscato sings with the musky sweet taste of peaches, especially when they are paired with sweet things for dessert – like this peach stuffed with vanilla gelato. This type of simple but elegant sweet is served often in Italy – the perfect ending to a wonderful  meal. You’ll find this affordable and delicious Moscato just a bit sweet, and a little bit sparkling too. Moscato is made in many regions of  Italy – this one comes from Northern Italy between Verona and Venice. Since its not super-sweet, just pleasantly so, it will go with many of your other peach recipes as well!

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