If you are planning a celebration for the 4thlike we are – here’s the perfect idea to share. Full of seasonal flavor and the bright taste of mint, serve up this orange-filled fruit salad up for a side or dessert! Make sure to keep it in the cooler until just before you serve it, and it will be a great hit during the hot and humid afternoons of summer.

Mint is a zingy contrast to the sweetness of the berries or melon. Mint has many health benefits as well. Regular use of this herb is very beneficial for asthma patients, as it is a good relaxant and relieves congestion. Mint is a great appetizer or a palate cleanser as well. The aroma of the herb helps activate the salivary glands in your mouth as well as the glands which secrete the digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating digestion. So if you are eating multiple different foods on the 4that a picnic this can help aid in digestion. Enjoy the yummy fruit salad!

Mojito Fruit Salad

  • 3 TB Chopped Mint
  • ¼ Cup Lime Juice
  • 2 TB Honey (add less if your fruit is deliciously ripe!)
  • A Large Bowl of Fresh Chopped Fruit, Melon or Berries

Whisk together the chopped mint, lime juice and honey in a large bowl. Add the fruit and stir to coat the fruit with the dressing. Serve in an orange shell, like the photo above.

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