Pop the cork on any of these three wines on New Years Eve, and you’ll have an instant bubbly party to share. Great News! All three are super quality for less than $20 and you can find them in your local grocery or wine store.

Jaume Serra Cristallino

If its value you are going for…look no further than this bottle. Made in the same method as Champagne, but with indigenous grapes from Spain, Macabeo, Parrellada and Xarello it has zesty bubbles with crisp clean flavor. Cheap and Cheerful, Fun and Fizzy – you got it! About $10

FIZZ TIP ONE Always serve sparkling wine at the appropriate temperature – around 46F. Your fridge should be 40F or below, so take your bottle out and let it sit for about 10 -15 minutes before serving. Always place the bottle back in an ice bucket to keep it at the correct temp for enjoying from the first sip to the last.

Gerard Bertrand Cremant de Limoux Brut Rose (or Brut) Thomas Jefferson Cuvee

Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Mauzac and Pinot grapes all contribute to these Champagne method wines from Limoux, an area in the foothills of the Pyrenees, and the place where the first wine with bubbles was discovered! The cuvee (cuvee means blend in French) is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, a great admirer of fizzy wine. In fact Limoux sparkling is the only one to be found in his personal cellar.

About $18

FIZZ TIP TWO – If you’ve forgotten to fridge your sparkler, fill a sink with half cold water and half ice. A dip of about 20 – 30 minutes should do the trick. Remove the bottle and carefully wipe off the label. You want to be able to see what you are drinking!

Navarin Cava Rose Brut (or Brut)

Another cava – but this one is vintage and highly rated. The brut is made with indigenous Spanish grapes and the rose is made with more familiar Pinot Noir grapes along with Spanish Parrellada.

About $18

FIZZ TIP THREE – You don’t need flutes to enjoy your sparkling wine. A simple white wine glass will do just fine AND you can get your nose in the glass to enjoy the aroma. (Mary Ewing Mulligan, the first female Master of Wine in the U.S. and the author of Champagne never uses champagne glasses!)

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