Fresh Green Produce? Leafy lovelies? We are in! This past month, we’ve been lucky enough to meet (virtually) and work for Hollandia Produce and their gorgeous Live Gourmet products. As a “dynamic duo”, Nancy creating the recipes, and Shayna providing the nutrition data, we’ve developed a handful of yummy ways to enjoy their fresh produce. Here’s just some of the info we shared with them:

A shredded salad is a super way to create a one-platter meal full of veggies and color. When you toss up this salad, you’ll have rave reviews at dinner, and then you can tuck any leftovers in a pita pocket for lunch tomorrow.

Southwestern Shredded Salad

2 Heads Living Romaine Heads, shredded

1 Cup Shredded Carrots

1 Cup Extra Sharp Cheese, shredded

1 Cup Chopped Tomatoes

1 Cup Chopped Avocadoes

1 Cup Chopped Cilantro

¼ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TB Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

1 TB Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

1 Tsp Smoked Paprika

1 Tsp Dijon Mustard

1 Tsp Sea Salt

½ Tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Gently toss the romaine, carrots, cheese, tomatoes, avocadoes and cilantro together in a bowl. In another small bowl or jar add the oil, juices and smoked paprika, Dijon mustard, salt and black pepper. Shake or whisk the ingredients together and pour over the salad.

  • Living Romaine heads contain 6mg of iron, which ads a significant source of iron to the diets of people following a plant based food plan.
  • Romaine lettuce is 17% protein with 7.7 grams per Living romaine head. It is also contains all 9 essential amino acids as well.
  • There is vitamin C in the lettuce, helping keep your skin, bones, and teeth strong. These beneficial effects associated with vitamin C are linked to its strong antioxidant properties as well as its role in collagen synthesis.
  • Cilantro is an important ingredient in the salad, and is most often cited as being effective for toxic metal cleansing and rightfully so, this herb is a powerful, natural cleansing agent. The chemical compounds in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.
  • Anytime you make your own dressing for salad, you are eliminating excess sodium, fat, preservatives, and dyes from your food plan. This dressing has the healthy anti-inflammatory extra virgin olive oil mixed with Vitamin C rich juices and spices.


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