A view along the street where I am staying in Frankfurt.

We’ve dotted every i, crossed every t and prepared as much as possible for the first ever Culinary and Wine Journey to Alsace and Germany. My partners “in crime” on this trip, Annemarie and Tina have done a yeoman’s job of scheduling. I’ve hosted the trip tasting and cooked up all kinds of info for our participants…

And now the trip is here! Tina and her husband Tal have been touring Spain and France for the past week, Annemarie and Rolf arrived earlier this week and are visiting old friends.
I chose to arrive early in Frankfurt to scope out a city I haven’t seen for – oh – too many years to remember. What I have found is that Germany is beautiful, really interesting and full of the food, wine and the healthy culture that I love. In the USA we get a stereotype. Sausage, beer, wurst and um-pa-pa. Octoberfest and schnitzel. Big dogs and brews. Sure, you can see that here. A wurst and a draft is not bad every once in awhile. But what I’ve found, and I LOVE, is an incredible food culture that values local, organic and fresh. Lets face it friends, I am in foodie heaven.

So, I’ve spent a couple of days ferreting out food and nature, markets and flowers, gardens and people that are all yummy and healthy – much more than the info we get at home. I booked an Airbnb, (my first and a wonderful experience.) I am staying in a small flat, next to the German couple who own it, right in the middle of Frankfurt. Its been so much fun, living like a local.
Here are just a few of my pictures of my stay in Frankfurt. I hope you can tell that I am “Tasting and Savoring Life”!
First off, coffee. My internal clock is more than a little bit off. Coffee is the first thing I looked for when I reached my neighborhood. As I walked and stopped and enjoyed a cup or two, I laughed. See why, below:

Believe it or not, I haven’t seen a single Starbucks! So, here’s the kind of coffee I have been enjoying…
 I’ve chosen to enjoy a big lunch and just a little snack for dinner. Take a look at lunch…

Luscious fish and shrimp. Lot of veggies. And speaking of veggies, I walked and walked today until I found a street market. SO much fun!

One of the things that I have found interesting is that the food at the street market, the organic markets and the supermarkets all have attribution to where the food is from.
Yup – its apple season here, too!

And the grapes are labeled, as to their variety. Can you imagine going into Whole Foods and asking for Chardonnay grapes?

And for my “Cheese-atarian” friends, (you know who you are), there is GORGEOUS cheese in Germany!
The flowers are incredible. One of the things I loved about my Airbnb were the gorgeous sunflowers greeting me as I walked in the door. Flowers are lining the streets, in shops and in every restaurant. I had to hold my hands together when I saw them – I wanted to buy every bunch!

I am thrilled that I’ve had a couple of days to wonder around and enjoy Frankfurt. Tomorrow, I meet the group at the airport, and we are off for the week! Can’t wait for more adventures.

I have to close this post with some napkins I found along the high street today. I think they say it all:

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