Who loves Sriracha? We do, we do! The tangy zip of this popular sauce can brighten up the flavors in any dish – and it doesn’t have to be “HOT”. In the culinary world when we use a spicy condiment like this, we say it “points up the flavors” of the dish. This means it brings out the best in in the other flavors, whether sweet, sour or vegetal like this broccoli.

Parsley adds flavor too! Its fresh, green and grassy taste and aroma add to the lemon-ey punch of this cruciferous dish. Parsley is not just a pretty herb on the side of a plate but brings a lot of nutritional benefits as well. Its volatile oils help inhibit tumor formation and can neutralize carcinogens. And the parsley leaves themselves are an excellent source of Vitamin C and a good source of Vitamin A. We believe it is under-appreciated so try this dish and experiment with parsley in a new way!

Lemon Sriracha Broccoli

1 Head Broccoli

2 TB Grapeseed Oil

Zest and Juice of 2 Lemons

Sriracha Sauce to taste

2 TB Chopped Parsley

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Cut the broccoli into florets and place in a microwave safe bowl. Cover and nuke for 2 minutes. Sauté in a large pan over medium high in the oil until the florets are starting to brown on the edges.  Remove from the heat; add in the lemon juice, zest, Sriracha and salt and pepper to taste.

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