A PILE of Peppers!

Its often the simplest foods that make me happy. You too? One of my simple favorites are Roasted Red Peppers. I feel a little like the Sham WOW guy when I start talking about them:) Wow! they are a snack, an entree, in a soup, topping a pasta, pureed for a salad dressing…you get the idea. There are not many trips to the grocery store when they don’t find a spot in my basket or an important place on the menu. 

This sounds a little weird, but apparently, I even smell like red peppers. I’ve had more than one person pop their head into the Cancer Wellness Kitchen and tell me, “I know you are in the kitchen when I stepped off the elevator and smelled the peppers roasting.” Not a bad thing to smell like, I guess!
Yesterday we celebrated Katie and Pete’s upcoming wedding with buddies from our Taste Club classes at Cooks Warehouse. 

The table was piled high with appetizers, as you can see.
The drinks were plentiful, and yummy.
But the most commented on of all the appetizers? Why yes! It was the Red Pepper Bruschetta.
Super easy to make, super easy to eat, too. After roasting your peppers, just toss them in a bag and drizzle with a little olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic. Top toasted whole grain bread with the color and roasted taste of the peppers. Done. Easy-peasy. And just in case you need a primer on how to roast peppers, here’s a quick video to show how to do it!

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