We’re heading towards the end of pear season here in the US, and before it leaves, it’s the perfect time for these luscious and super easy-to-make poached pears. The pears we buy in the grocery store are most likely from Northern California or Washington State. Between the months of August and May you can find many different varieties in season and available.

Pears are a good source of fiber, B Vitamins, and potassium. And most importantly they just taste great! This recipe shows off the versatility of juicy pears. Topping the dessert is an herb that we love, mint. Sweet or savory, chopped or whole, mint plays an important role in many of our favorite dishes. Its bold bright flavor adds just the right pop to the sweetness of the honey and zesty ginger glazed pears and the richness of the frozen yogurt.

We love using mint because it promotes healthy digestion and aids in decreasing any nausea. And mint alone is a natural stimulant so besides taking in some of this beautiful spring weather in Atlanta; you can enjoy this recipe to lift your mood too!

Don’t put this recipe away until next pear season. Sweet summer peaches are also a great star in this dish!

Rooibos Poached Pears

4 Cups Brewed Rooibos Tea
(You can find it in the grocery store)

½ Cup Honey

2 TB Chopped Crystallized Ginger

4 Pears, peeled, halved, and pitted

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Mint for Garnish

Step One In a large saucepan, heat the tea and honey until just simmering. Add the pear halves with cut side facing up. Reduce the heat to low and cook until tender, when they can be pierced easily with a skewer, about 10 – 15 minutes. Remove the pears from the sauce. (If the sauce is still very liquid, you may want to reduce it further by continuing to simmer it.

Step Two To serve, place the pear in a bowl and top with vanilla frozen yogurt. Drizzle additional sauce over the top and garnish with fresh mint.

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