Those of you who personally know Chef Nancy would understand me when I say I am blessed to be her intern. Not only have I learned a great deal from her in just two weeks of work, but I haven’t felt like I have been working. People have told me numerous times that if you love what you do it won’t feel like work. With that said, I think I am in the right place. I have had personal experience in my family of battling cancer which made my passion for nutrition only stronger. Now, my opportunity with Chef Nancy at Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center allows for me to live out my passion for good food and helping people.

During my first week, I was introduced to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. It is like a foodie’s paradise! It seemed as if every other product in there was something I had never heard of. I got to try a rambutan, which was surprisingly good given the outward hairy-ish appearance. As Chef Nancy and I walked through the farmer’s market shopping for the next cooking class, I was throwing questions at her. She didn’t mind my interest and was excited that I was intrigued. 

Also, during the week, one of many things I learned was that Bragg’s Liquid Aminos was a good substitute for soy sauce, which cuts sodium and adds good protein building blocks. I realized, during my first week, that Chef Nancy’s healthy cooking is exactly that. She advises to cut sodium and avoid soybean oil. She encourages the consumption of omega 3‘s, quercetin (cancer fighting agent) and, of course, veggies, veggies, VEGGIES! Needless to say, I soaked up what I could learn the first couple weeks, and only look forward to the skills and experience I will continue to get interning with Taste and Savor!

Chef Nancy’s Note: We have enjoyed having Michelle work with us, as much as she has had fun learning about healthy cooking and eating! Michelle is a brand new graduate from UGA with a dietetics degree – so she too, has brought much to our better eating table!

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