With Chef Nancy tasting and touring through South Africa the last few days, I had some time to tend to some of the projects on my seemingly never-ending personal to do list.  One of my favorite activities this week was planting my container garden.

Anyone who knows me, is most likely in shock to hear that I actually enjoyed doing anything involving gardening.  My yard is hands down one of the worst in the neighborhood, and I have never owned a house plant that did not meet a swift and brutal demise under my care.  I can’t get into tending flowers or plants, but there is something about planting vegetables and herbs that excites me.  With proper watering and adequate sunlight, these plants will grow into something edible.  Something that will hopefully serve as an inspiration for a delicious recipe.

This year I planted three types of basil, cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow peppers and squash.  My son helped me do the planting and lucky for me, he likes to take ownership of the watering duties. I’m looking forward to watching my little container garden grow this summer and hope that there will be something to show for our efforts.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed and hope that this will be the season that turns my black thumb green.

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