This week, I had the great pleasure of attending the Angels on Earth Valentine Luncheon, benefiting Cancer Wellness at Piedmont. It is not often that I have the opportunity to dress up on a Tuesday afternoon for a leisurely luncheon at a country club. I must clean up pretty well, as one of the women who I see on a weekly basis at Cancer Wellness, came up and introduced herself to me. We had a good laugh, once she realized who I was. She had not recognized me without my ubiquitous ponytail, apron and turmeric stained hands.

Angels on Earth is an organization founded by Jillian and John Cooke. The Cookes, like so many others in the room that day, had been profoundly affected by cancer. They thanked the “angels” who helped them through their difficult times, and are now themselves, dedicated to ensuring that there are angels for all those in need. From my observation, angels are the people who knowingly or unknowingly offer support, guidance, nourishment and love. There is no place that I have seen, that is more conducive to cultivating angels than, Cancer Wellness at Piedmont. It is a welcoming and warm place where people in need can receive nourishment for their bodies, minds and souls. This is done through art therapy, journaling, mindfulness, nutrition counseling, yoga, massage and my favorite, healthy cooking classes.
This luncheon not only raised funds for Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, but it was also a celebration. A celebration, of life, recovery, kindness and above all, wellness. I can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s day, than with a room full of angels.

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