As I sit here and write this afternoon, I am reflecting on the past year, for this is my one year anniversary of working at Taste and Savor. I vividly remember walking into the kitchen at Cancer Wellness on Feb. 08, 2011, not having any idea what to expect. I was nervous, and praying that I would not completely make a fool of myself. Not only was this my first job interview in ten years, it was my first ever practical cooking interview.

My tensions eased a bit when I saw my friend Sue (Pictured with me above at our graduation), busily chopping a mountain of kale. I relaxed a bit more when I met Chef Nancy who greeted me with a bright smile and a warm welcome. She put me to work immediately, making dark chocolate truffles. I spent that whole day in the kitchen cooking and have been cooking non-stop ever since.
I have learned so much and met so many interesting people over the past year. Not only have I grown as a cook, but as a person. I thank Chef Nancy and all of the wonderful people at Cancer Wellness and beyond who have touched my life over the last twelve months.
I am truly grateful that my life’s journey has led me to Taste and Savor, and that I have had the opportunity to create and share beautiful, delicious and healthy food with so many people. I am excited for what this next year holds for me in the Taste and Savor kitchen. A wise woman named Lydia said that 2012 would bring great things. I am going to do my best to prove her right.
Looking forward to another year of Tasting and Savoring life. Cheers!

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