One of my clients recently asked how to lose weight when she is stuck in the same old habits! What a great question. It actually takes about 3 weeks to change a behavior so give yourself some grace and work at it for 21 days to see the fruit of your labor. It is important when trying to lose weight that you actually eat enough (three meals and one-two small snacks). If you eat too little, your metabolism will actually slow down and you will not lose the desired weight. It is also important to get moving in any way possible. Think about something you enjoy doing and work up a sweat at it!

 A good rule of thumb is to always fill ¾ of your plate with vegetables/ fruit and leave one bite of food on your plate when you are done. If you eat slowly, you will find that you might not need as much as you once thought. Another good rule is to cook at home (Chef Nancy loves this!) and to put away your leftovers before you sit down to eat. This cuts out the infamous “just a few more spoonfuls” type mentality. And finally, give yourself a non food reward for your hard work at the end of the 21 days! It is quite an accomplishment to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off.

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