We have been on the go recently! The lazy days of summer seem to be filled with various activities including fun cooking demo’s that I love teaching. Yesterday Chef Nancy and I taught and one of the wonderful breast cancer survivors asked me about eating out. It truly is great to eat in when you can (saves money, saves calories, and is quality family time!) but when you just can not, here are some great ways to save on fat, calories, and extra additives that might be in the food. With a little planning and some specific requests, you can turn any restaurant into one that is healthier for you.  Remember these tips:

  1. Stay away from the fryer.
  2. Choose a side salad or fruit.  
  3. Go grilled when you can. 
  4. The less legs the better.  Chickens and turkeys have two legs while pigs and cows have four.  Animals with less legs tend to have leaner meats. Better yet, try for the vegetarian options. 
  5. You are the “BOSS” (tell the server no butter, oil, salt, or sugar. You can add what you want).
  6. Stick to water (add lemon’s or limes) or bring your own green tea bag and ask for hot water.
  7. Watch the portions. Ask for a to-go back in the beginning of the meal or share with someone.  

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