Lately it seems that I have been packing a lot of lunches and snacks. I often get envious looks across the table, so I thought I would share one of my favorite easy sandwiches and my snack mix that my husband and I love. Shayna has taught me the value and nutrition of brazil nuts – and that’s one of the yummy additions to the trail mix. I whip it in big batches, and then immediately divide it into small zippy snack bags. I tuck one into my purse almost every day, and I often slide one into my sweetie’s briefcase as well:)

Tortilla Wrap

1 Large Whole Wheat Tortilla

1 Ripe Haas Avocado, mashed

1 Tomato, Seeded, Chopped, Salted and Drained OR Roasted Red Pepper

8 Baby Spinach Leaves, Shredded

¼ – ½  Cup Shredded Cheddar or Manchego, (Can use low fat cheddar)

Spread the mashed ripe avocado on the tortilla. Add the tomato, romaine and shredded cheese. Tuck the ends in and roll. Roll in plastic wrap and slice on the diagonal.

Fast and Easy Trail Mix

1 Cup Dried Cherries

1 Cup Dried Blueberries

1 Cup Brazil Nuts

½ Cup Chocolate Covered Raisins

1 Cup Kashi Cereal (Or other Low Fat Crunchy Granola Cereal)

Mix together in a large bowl. About 1 ounce or ¼ cup of the mixture is a serving.

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