I betcha didn’t know there was a Waffle House Museum. A tribute to all the scattered, smothered and covered that have been eaten?I have a fond spot in my heart for this roadside favorite, having eaten Christmas dinner there in1993. (Long story, trust me.) So, I was excited to join my fellow intrepid Atlanta Culinary Historians on a tour through the past 60 years of waffle history. The fun museum is located in the first ever Waffle House – in Avondale, Georgia, a quick drive from downtown. In 1955, the restaurant was opened by a pair of locals interested in a 24-hour restaurant. In the early years, the chain cooked everything in house except for 3 items: Post Toasties, Ketchup and Coca Cola. Today over 1400 “Good Food Fast” restaurants are open in 25 states. The outing is fun for nostalgia fans, and great for kids, (okay, I liked the paper hats, too!). You’ll find lots of weird and wonderful info about Waffle House, like what’s the most ordered item on the Waffle House menu? No! It’s not the hash browns. It’s the T-bone steak. Who knew? Check out my ezine, The Friday Four, for a recipe inspired by the visit. This week’s Buttermilk Honey Breakfast Cake with Strawberries is a delicious bite you can enjoy on the days you don’t go to Waffle House:)http://www.tasteandsavor.com/friday4pdfs/041610%20PDF%20Buttermilk%20Honey%20Pancakes%20with%20Strawberries.pdf

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