That’s not Bacon Lettuce and Tomato – it’s Bistro Laurent Tourondel, a restaurant from a charming and celebrated chef with an empire of New York restaurants. What fun to have a chance to indulge in a dinner at a much-lauded spot like this one. I’m sharing our salad-to-dessert photos of some incredibly delicious food. One regret: neither one of us had been to a steakhouse recently, so we totally forgot about the fact that they usually have stevedore-sized portions. (And BLT did not disappoint in that arena.) Check out the gruyere popovers – the size of my head – and the lovely (and large) salads. It’s unfortunate that the picture of dessert is not as pretty as the others – it was a moist carrot cake with slightly spicy ginger ice cream. Something fun about the restaurant is in it’s desire to educate diners about what they are eating. Here’s a shot of the place mats with the parts of the cow explained. And, they will roll them up so you can take them home for future reference. Be prepared to bankroll the visit with a large wad of cash – we spent about $150 per person. (Ooh la la!) Of course if you read this blog first – you will know that everything is big enough to share, and you will be able to save some money for your next fun restaurant adventure…

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