Off on the motorcycle this weekend, and couldn’t resist sharing these pictures with you. Stopped in Riverdale to visit one of my favorite international markets – the Super H Mart. It has all of my requirements for a great shopping experience: diverse food choices, interesting people, unusual snacks and meals to eat there or to go, and great prices. What more can you ask? We spied this display of kimchi on the way to the fish aisle and I asked Mike to take some pictures. Just in case you aren’t up to speed on kimchi – it’s a traditional Korean fermented vegetable concoction that brings you down firmly into one of two camps. You either hate it or love it. I fall on the positive side, enjoying it as well as the Korean Barbeque that often accompanies Kimchi. There are 2 Super H Marts in Atlanta, one in Riverdale and one in Duluth. If you have a chance take a cruise through the Super H Mart – you’ll be a fan, too!

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