Who doesn’t love New York Pizza? Eureka! We’ve discovered an authentic New York slice here in Atlanta. Well…not exactly Atlanta. Alpine Bakery lives in Alpharetta – about a 30 minute drive from the city. We celebrated the warm weather today by cranking up the bike and cruising OTP, (that’s outside the perimeter for you non-Atlantans). It was a beautiful sunny day, and we took backroads up to the burbs, giving us lots of time to get hungry. We arrived to find the New York style bakery and pizzeria in a strip mall. The bakery was pristine and sparkling, packed with case after case of temptations. We ordered our pizza, and tried not to drool as we chose a dessert to share. In 10 minutes we had our pie. There is no dining here – so we sat outside on a concrete bench and enjoyed the warm fresh tomato sauce and melting cheese. Heaven in a box!

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