Wowza. I don’t think I have ever BEEN to Douglasville before. But I learned that I should have – and you should too, if you want wonderful Cajun and Creole food cooked by a family from New Orleans. We hopped on the bike the other day and headed west from Atlanta in search of gumbo. We found it at Gumbeaux, in downtown Douglasville. We are fans of  the spicy, saucy cuisine, so much so that we have cruised the River Rood through Louisiana up to Mississippi stopping and eating and touring historic homes. But you don’t have to go that far – this authentic restaurant will take you right to the French Quarter. The care and obvious knowledge of Louisiana cooking is what makes this restaurant stand out. The unique preparation of each menu item displays this care: Roux is the basis for most Cajun and Creole dishes, and often a restaurant will use the same roux and combination of spices for everything from gumbo to red beans and rice to creole. When you taste and compare each dish at Gumbeaux, you’ll find unique spices and delicious preparations for each one. You need to take a trip OTP to taste this super restaurant – in business for 14 years!

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