Some days, it just has to be curry. And not just any curry – Thai curry in all it’s guises. Even in the warmest of summer,  the round rich taste of coconut milk sustains me like nothing else can. Although I am hooked on my local “Thai Diner” restaurant, a friend and I tried “Top Spice” in Smyrna the other day for lunch. Hiding out next to the Post Office and a gi-normous Toys are Us it was difficult to find. But I am glad we did! The cool dark interior was packed at lunch time with many asian patrons and lots of local office workers. The service was efficient and extremely pleasant. We followed an excellent piquant coconut chicken soup with perennial favorite Chicken Masaman and Beef with Broccoli in Red Curry. Did you know that Masaman is the Thai word for Muslim? This curry was probably brought to Thailand with traders. And, it’s interesting to note that it is very close to a Portuguese Goan curry, since Masaman curries are not extremely spicy, but more sweet and sour. The Thai red curry paste is made from hot chile peppers, lemon grass and chili paste among other ingredients. Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean spicy food can’t cool you down. Grab a friend and find discover your favorite Thai curry comfort spot! Top Spice has several restaurants in Atlanta including Midtown and Toco Hills – Check out Top Spice in Smyrna at 2997 Cobb Pwky, Ste 200, Atlanta GA.

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