You probably have some “old” friends like I do – friends that you don’t see for months at a time, but when you finally get together you are able to pick up right where you left off from the last visit. My 2 buddies and I rendezvoused in LaGrange Georgia this week. Yes, that’s LaGrange! A small town south of Atlanta on the way to Columbus Georgia. Becky clued us into an upscale restaurant with an interesting wine list. I chose a Australian Riesling named “Barking Mad” to drink with our appetizers through entrees. It was luscious – very fruit forward with enough crisp acidity to finish dry. The pictures you see are my favorite food picks of the evening: the choice of 4 homemade house salad dressings; the pasta arrabiata with big fat juicy shrimp; and the wonderful caramel cake that was soooo worth the indulgence. (I’ll think about it for weeks to come, as I haul myself out of bed for boot camp.) The best part of the evening was the end. As she was leaving, a diner from several tables away stopped by to share her envy of our good time. She told us that we had inspired her to call her friends for dinner. We invited her to join us, but she was off for home. So, call your friends this week – pick up the conversation from the last time and enjoy being with the people who know you best! You can read about The Basil Leaf at

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