It’s hard to believe I am going to blog about fast food. But, I am. Years ago, I used to travel to California for business. When I did,  I always kept a lookout for an El Pollo Loco. And now, finally they have arrived in Atlanta! This Mexican transplant is actually good-for-you fresh food that tastes great. No, it’s not a dining experience, but the bright colors, fun food and friendly service make for a super quick bite. Here’s more awesome news – If you love food that tastes delicious without being bad for you,  you’ll appreciate the menu, where you will see a heart icon designating healthier choices. Even the website has an easy-to-use nutrition calculator to check out your lunch or dinner damage – or not! (Did I mention the food tastes really good?) After ordering you can graze through the salsa bar containing salsas from mild to hot, cilantro to sprinkle, chopped onions for your self rolled soft tacos or lemons to squeeze on your chicken. From burritos to cheese quesadillas El Pollo Loco is a super choice for vegetarians, too. I’m very happy they have landed in Atlanta – hope you will be too! Visit the website for locations at

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