Squeezing in the door, I asked: “Is it always this busy?” The answer made me happy we had arrived just after opening. “Oh no, it’s not busy. When the line is out the door and up the hill – that’s busy.” Welcome to carnivore paradise. The aroma of paprika and other herbs and spices is heady. This is the best meat market in town, hands down. Standing in line is half the fun! Everyone is friendly and helpful. And that’s good, because the list of 79 meats and sausages is just the beginning of what is available. You’ll need help to discover what a Kassler Rib looks like, learn what Landjager tastes like, or to uncover the differences between Hungarian, Hunters, Alpine, House, Czech, German, Genoa, Odessa, Ukrainska, Russian, Moldova, and (don’t you love the name of this one?) Tourist Salami. As you chat up your temporary neighbors you’ll discover everyone’s most loved meat and how they prepare and serve it at home. The bonus at the end is the prices. You’ll be astonished at the value. When was the last time you spent $2.99 a pound for hand sliced smoked bacon? I can’t remember. No credit cards here so come prepared with cash, check or ATM card. Run – don’t walk for a taste of authentic European-style fresh and cured meats. Located  in the Atlanta “hinterlands” and open only one Saturday a month,  check out the hours and directions before you take off at www.patakmeats.com

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