Spicy Tuesday

Spicy Tuesday – Cilantro – Chickpea Burgers

It's definitely that “Burger” time of the year. We are all looking forward to quick, fast and delicious meals that can ease the transition from the end of summer to back to school. Vacations are winding down, kids are choosing backpacks and deciding just how they are...

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Spicy Tuesday – MINT – Fresh Mint Fruit Salad

If you live in the South, chances are that when someone says mint – you think iced tea. Its ubiquitous down here, paired with tea so sweet that when you drink it, your teeth hurt from the sugar. We’re not talking tea here this week, but pairing fresh mint with fruit...

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Spicy Tuesday – Basil Mint Coconut Shrimp

We’re big fans of light and fast meals for summer. And this one is no exception, with the shrimp as a flavorful topper for a big green salad. Serve it up with a glass of ice-cold green tea with mint, and you’ll have family and friends clamoring for more. Did you know...

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Spicy Tuesday – Cardamom Citrus Fruit Salad

Have you tasted the exotic flavor of cardamom? We bet you have – even if you don’t have a bottle in your cupboard. Cardamom is often added to Christmas cookies, curries and other dishes that have warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon added. Cardamom, a spice native to...

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Spicy Tuesday! Basil – Leek and Olive Salad

We don’t usually think about leeks as the starting point for a salad, but for a recent class on pre and pro biotics, we chose to use leeks for this one because they are a potent pre-biotic. In other words, they are a functional food. They stimulate the growth and/or...

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