Spicy Tuesday

Spicy Tuesday – Baba Ganoush – Parsley

Baba Who? Baba Ganoush! Its is a yummy and healthy appetizer that is full of flavor and good-for-you ingredients. It's a snap to prepare, and if you love eggplant as much as we do, this delicious dip will find a place in your regular rotation of recipes! Eggplant is...

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Spicy Tuesday – Spring Carrot Salad – Cilantro

Spring has sprung in Atlanta! We’re getting ready for warm weather and the trees, daffodils and flowers are starting to bloom. Bunnies and chicks are popping up everywhere! Here’s an easy side salad that will make all you and your family happy – whether you serve it...

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Spicy Tuesday – Squash Ribbons – Basil

We are starting to get excited about warm weather around here. In Atlanta the days are getting longer, and with a weekend that was in the 60s and sunny…well its hard not to dream of the sultry days of summer. And what veggie in the grocery store reminds us of our own...

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Spicy Tuesday – Kale and Basil Pesto – Basil

Not only can kale make a delicious salad or side – it also makes a fabulous pesto, perfect for tossing with some whole-wheat pasta or as a “schmear” on a goat cheese topped crostini. The bright green color of the kale and basil make this pesto so appealing! Because we...

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Spicy Tuesday – Brussels Sprouts Slaw – Parsley

As far as we are concerned – the best part of cold, chilly winter is the veggies in season. That is the veggies of the cruciferous persuasion. All kinds of cabbages and root veggies are still growing down here in the south, so we use them lots to make up wonderful,...

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Spicy Tuesday – Avocado Love – Cilantro

  Its that crazy, hectic, fun time of the year! Time for parties, decorations, gift wrapping – and often – a meal on the go. Because of our busy schedules, its time to pull out one of our favorite recipes, one that is easy to make and create a myriad different...

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