Spicy Tuesday

Spicy Tuesday – Safari Salad – Cumin

Olives and Grapefruit? Lemon Juice and Grapes? Oh Yes! These are the luscious and exotic flavors of this salad, inspired by the bright and delicious food of Africa. We don’t often think of seasoning foods with opposing tastes, but this salad proves it's a wonderful...

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Spicy Tuesday – White Bean Salad – Basil

Do you like white beans? Along with all different kinds of beans, we love them! In the United States, white beans are most often associated with navy beans, and a popular soup called “navy bean soup’, made with the small white soft beans. But did you know that...

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Spicy Tuesday – Herb Salad and Dressing – 090914

Have you ever opened the produce drawer of your fridge, and found partial bags of herbs, and wondered what to do with them? We have too! That’s why we came up with the solution in this post. A fresh herb salad with herb dressing is one of the easiest and most fun ways...

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Spicy Tuesday – Kitchen Tips and Tricks Videos

We whizzed through this week - especially Tuesday! So fast, in fact that we totally forgot Spicy Tuesday. So here's a quick picture to show you what we were doing. When the videos are completed for the Thomas F Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center at Piedmont, we...

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Spicy Tuesday – Roasted Squash Soup – Dill

This is our favorite time of the year! In Atlanta, there is a farmers market open almost every day of the week, and July’s fruits and veggies are abundant here. One of the most versatile veggies and prolific? Of course it’s squash! This recipe is versatile as well;...

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