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Are you like the average person that buys the same 10 foods every time you go to the grocery store? Stop and think about what your refrigerator and pantry currently have in them. If they are boring, bland and unappealing, Chef Nancy Waldeck and Dietitian Shayna Komar can help you create a bountiful array of foods, spices, and more to fill your shelves, and help you cook them. (They have a passion for turning the ordinary into extraordinary!)

This dynamic duo will equip you the knowledge about the best foods to decrease inflammation, increase your immune system, cook better and stay strong. Join Shayna and Nancy to focus on foods that help you cook better, eat better and feel great. Every Tuesday, Nancy and Shayna publish a yummy recipe that’s full of flavor and highlights an herb or spice of the week. Join us on Spicy Tuesday!

How can we help?

So often you hear a speaker with wonderful advice – but how do you take it home and make it come to life? Using the unique talents of a registered dietitian and chef together, you will leave the upbeat, inspiring program recipes, tips and kitchen techniques to integrate power foods into your everyday life – nourishing your body and soul so that you have the strength to fight illness and live your best life, now.

Shayna and Nancy deliver compelling culinary and nutrition information in an interesting and interactive format. Whether you are in the fight of your life, or looking to avoid illness in the future, you will receive practical information of how to bring Good Food to your table every day.

Each session is custom designed to meet the needs of your audience.

Chef Nancy Waldeck

Healthy Chef Partyologist Nancy Waldeck’s is passionate about eating better, enjoying life and food. As a cancer survivor and a lover of life, Nancy enjoys partnering with dieticians like Shayna Komar to bring dietetic information alive by others translating confusing nutritional recommendations into delicious and easy meals for the Thomas F Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center in Atlanta and beyond – ANYONE who is interested in eating well and cooking better.

Her exuberant approach to healthy cuisine and fun wine leads her to deliver over 100 classes a year in interesting locations – from an United States embassy to corporate offices like Google, Southern Company and Norfolk Southern, from hospital wellness centers to a twice-a-month healthy cooking segment for NBC’s Atlanta and Company, from farmers markets to international conferences from 10 to 1000.

Nancy loves to travel and nothing makes her happier than sharing the treasures of her explorations with others, so she hosts carefully curated wine and culinary trips around the world for small groups of curious guests. She believes cooking and traveling are two of the most rewarding (and fun!) things in life and her classes and events use food and wine to learn more about the world. At the intersection of cooking, wine and travel is where her expertise and passion meet, connect and result in fascinating and informative classes and tours. Come join a Healthy Chef Partyologist in the kitchen or on the road. It’s going to be fun!

Shayna Komar R.D.L.D

Shayna Komar is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in Atlanta, Ga.. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech and her medical dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Shayna currently contracts with Cancer Wellness of Piedmont Hospital where she provides individual counseling, cooking workshops and group lectures for cancer patients and caregivers. One of her passions is to educate clients on how to utilize food for the amazing power it holds. After being named Distinguished Oncology Dietitian of the Year in 2006 from the American Dietetic Association, she has been given the opportunity to speak all over the United States including Las Vegas, NV for the Oncology Nursing Society and Greenville, SC for the Healing Journeys Annual Survivor Conference. She is a certified group fitness instructor and has been teaching group fitness for over 15 years. Shayna resides in Marietta, Ga with her three sons and husband.

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