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Taste and Savor trips are not like others.

Each is carefully handcrafted, especially designed for you to relax, enjoy and discover new countries, new ideas and new people. You’ll have an incredible opportunity to interact with wine makers and chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and wine makers from around the world in an intimate group setting. On all of these highly vetted adventures, you are accompanied by knowledgeable guides, and a small group of like-minded travelers.


I created Taste and Savor Travels because I have a passion for sharing my adventurous lifestyle with others, and I love to partner with friends and colleagues to make destinations come alive. I am an avid student of the fascinating story of how food and wine weave in and out of history, science, politics, art, countries, culture and people.

Until you stand in the vineyards, talk to the winemakers, work side by side with the chefs, walk among the vendors at a local farmers market, taste produce when its brought from the field, bite into a steaming hot loaf of bread, admire the artistry and craftsmanship of architecture, or simply discover the goodness of a glass of wine from grapes you have never heard of before – you don’t fully understand the gift that is good wine and luscious food.

Better understanding of people; customs, arts, crafts and achievements only truly come when you visit other locales.


“Everything was very well-organized and everyone was fun to travel with. The trip is centered on wine tasting, education and food, but Nancy and Annemarie do a great job of changing things up from day to day.”


a Taste and Savor Traveler

“It was a perfect balance of organized activities and fun leisure time. Getting local insights from both the hosts and the local contacts meant that we got to see things off the beaten path.”


a Taste and Savor Traveler


Author and Certified Wine Professional

Chef Nancy Waldeck is a teaching chef who has conducted classes internationally to enthusiastic acclaim. She has led her field, tagging herself as “The Healthy Partyologist” years before most chefs embraced the notion that preparing glorious healthy food could be fun. Nancy promises a high deliciousness factor, and does she ever deliver! Her classes are packed to capacity with those eager to learn about health-promoting mouth-watering yummy cuisine.

In some of her presentations, Chef Nancy pairs her food with wine, guiding her students through tastings that teach them to choose wines to enhance the dishes they prepare. She has earned a Level 3 Advanced With Merit rating from the prestigious Wine and Spirits Education Trust. She shares her knowledge to give her students the understanding and confidence to pair their food and wine. Her desire to lead groups to discover their own passion for food and wine developed when her cooking and wine class students clamored to share her travels.

Her enthusiasm for food and wine is evident in her book Taste and Savor: Delicious Healthy Recipes and Tasty Wine Tips, her Taste and Savor blogs and the weekly Friday Four, a unique e-zine containing a mouthwatering recipe, a smart wine pairing and two valuable kitchen tips.


Kristina Limoges was raised between 3 countries, 3 languages, and countless cuisines. Her first words, “Hola, ¿qué tal?” and her first “Knödel” not only bound her to Spain and Germany for life, but were also the impetus of her lifelong wanderlust. She has travelled to and studied the language, culture and food of Morocco, Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the Canary Islands to name only a few. Last year, as an homage to summers spent on her family’s banana plantation in the Canary Islands, Kristina and her husband, Dan, produced a sauce native to the islands and intrinsic to her family. Soon after, they founded a food company called LimogesFineProducts, LLC. where the focus is to bring unique products of highest authenticity and quality to the American market.

Traveling with this trilingual foodie, globetrotter and entrepreneur will highlight the heartbeat of a country, its cuisine and its hidden gems so you will feel like a local!

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