Travel with Chef Nancy Waldeck

You won’t be just a visitor on Taste and Savor Travels. You’ll be a true guest, tasting wine, sampling foods, meeting locals and discovering history and traditions.

We KNOW that you’re busy. Your life takes a lot of time… So much time that its difficult to plan the vacation that you really want to experience.

That’s WHY we are inviting YOU!

How Can YOU be a Taste and Savor Traveler in 2024? Click Below!

“I had a blast traveling to Alsace and Germany with this company.They introduced us to everything vino – from small family vineyards to huge automated operations with bottles rattling on conveyors. We ate delicious food paired with wines, and talked to the vintners about their craft. I got a sense of the miracle that is good wine. The itinerary was well thought out, with lots of activities interspersed with time to rest and explore independently.”

a Taste and Savor Traveler

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