Taste and Savor Life!

Flavorful Happy Healthy Food and Wine
Healthy Chef Partyologist Nancy Waldeck makes eating better fun. The creative and colorful recipes in Taste and Savor Life taste as good as they look! Discover a treasure of new ideas and culinary tips, tricks and techniques – along with practical wine suggestions that are perfect complements to the recipes. Chef Nancy knows that making healthy cooking a part of your life does not require a lot of time, extraordinary ingredients or special talent. All you need is an enthusiastic attitude and a desire to eat well and feel great. You can use recipes like Slow Cooker Chicken Chile Soft Tacos or Easy Red Pepper Risotto for dinner on your own, lunch for work, feeding the kids well or sharing good food with family and friends. Together with the wine pairings for every recipe, the delicious dishes make time in the kitchen productive, important and enjoyable.

Taste and Savor

Delicious Healthy Recipes and Tasty Wine Tips
Chef Nancy Waldeck has paired her unique flavor of healthy cooking with her expert knowledge of wine to create a recipe experience that has ravenous followers. Welcome to the Taste and Savor philosophy – good food and wine that you can enjoy in minutes. Each entry features a quick and easy recipe, a kitchen Smidgen to top off your meal, a bonus Get creative idea and an expert and cost-conscious wine pairing


“This is a great cookbook with recipes that taste good and not like cardboard – even tho they are good for you. I like the fact that there are references to wines for the selections. Cooking a healthy good tasting meal doesn’t always go hand in hand. but these selections are good and good for you. It is also easy to carry with you so that you can take the book to the grocery store so as not to miss an ingredient. This makes a perfect gift as it is a reasonable price. This is one of those real world cookbooks and not one with selections above my means or ability to cook.”

Francine, an Amazon reviewer
“This is a cookbook for all levels of cooks. I like to cook, and the author’s take inspired me to try new things. Raw kale? Never tried it until I saw the recipe for kale coleslaw that includes kale, tomatoes, carrots and a spicy dressing. Now I am a big fan. I enjoy the recipes because they are flavorful enough to surprise dinner guests, and healthy enough that the people you cook for know you care about their well-being. And wine with grits? Why not, according to this author. Gotta love it!”
Mary Nell Graham
“Chef Nancy Waldeck has performed magic in creating a practical cooking guide for both the beginner and the advanced cook! Nancy’s style is clear in terms of her instructions, the pictures are aestheically pleasing in presentation and the advice is down-to-earth in a way to ensure fabulous results. She really comes through in her excellent knowledge and pairing of wines as well. I highly recommend Taste and Savor!”
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