Have your ever heard the phrase, “this one is a keeper”? We think this recipe is! Not only does it make one of the best dips with crudité or chips, it also works great as a taco seasoning, sandwich spread, as a base for huevos rancheros or as the start of an incredibly good chicken enchilada.

Oregano is one of the important components of this yummy spread. You may think of oregano as a component in Italian or Mediterranean food, but dried oregano is also an important flavor in Mexican cuisine. It actually has a plethora of health benefits starting with the Omega-3s that are in it and rounding out the mix with Iron, Manganese, and antioxidants.

Smoky Black Bean Spread

1 Large Red Onion, Chopped

2 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), divided

6 Cloves Garlic, Chopped

1 Tsp Ground Cumin

1 Tsp Sweet Smoked Paprika

1 Tsp Oregano

½ Cup Vegetable Stock

3 Cups Cooked Black Beans, (Two 15 Oz Cans Drained and Rinsed)

1 (7 OZ) Can Chipotle Peppers in Adobo, (use half to the whole can)

¼ Lime Juice

¼ Cup Chopped Cilantro

Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Step One Sauté the onions in 1 TB of EVOO until soft. Add the garlic and cook and stir until fragrant – about 1 minute. Add the cumin, paprika and oregano. Cook and stir for another minute until fragrant. Deglaze the pan with the veg stock. Add the beans and chipotles and simmer for about 20 – 30 minutes.

Step Two Cool, and add to the food processor or a blender. Pulse until coarsely chopped. Stir in the remaining EVOO, lime juice and cilantro. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

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