This Guest Post is by my colleague and wonderful pal, Dennis Buttimer. Dennis and his wife Angela are good friends special to not only me – but to many participants at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Hospital. We had so much fun doing our class together a couple of weeks ago! Here the workshop recap from Dennis, along with some pictures of the yummy food:

The Friday Four on March 25th (pub salad with creamy tarragon dressing) reminded me of the workshop I facilitated with Nancy entitled “Celtic Wisdom, Irish Feast.”

We held this workshop at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont and we opened with Nancy’s extraordinary culinary skills in the form of a healthy version of Shepherds’s Pie, Pub Salad, Colcannon and delicious Apple Tart. Nancy shared some humorous stories of her adventures in the British Isles and after our lunch, I delved into the second half of the workshop.

We discussed five (5) facets of celtic wisdom: individual universes(our unique gifts), anam cara (soul friend), circle of belonging (community), tree of life (spirituality), and reverence of nature (God in all things). We dialogued about the gifts of this wisdom and the group went on to write and recite their own myths, limericks, poems and what community means to them. Imbued with Celtic energy, the participants shared insights, excitement and hope.

I applaud Nancy Waldeck for her people skills, cooking abilities, inspiration and for her fantastic book she has created: Taste and Savor:

Slainte’! (Cheers to good health!)

Dennis Buttimer is a counselor, facilitator, registered yoga teacher,
and wellness coach in private practice with his wife Angela at Buttimer and Associates, LLC.
Together they facilitate integrative health and wellness groups, classes and workshop. Their blog is

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