Chef Nancy and I spoke this weekend at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference in Philadelphia. It was wonderful! There were about 190 people that attended our break out session! We had a wonderful group; so much so that we ran out of handouts—oops!  We promised to post the information on our blog so here you go. We hope that you were empowered and learned about the best foods to fight cancer! Below is the “Clean 15” and “Dirty Dozen” list that was provided at the conference.

The Dirty Dozen in Vegetables and Fruits (high in pesticides so buy organic)

Peach, Apple, Bell Pepper, Kale, Celery, Lettuce, Nectarine, Grape, Strawberry,

Carrot, Pear, Cherry

 The Clean Fifteen in Vegetables and Fruits (lowest in pesticides)

Onion, Cabbage, Avocado, Eggplant, Sweet Corn, Papaya, Pineapple, 

Watermelon, Mango, Broccoli, Asparagus, Tomato, Sweet Peas, Sweet Potato, Kiwi

Source: Environmental Working Group.

 The other information on the handouts was the following:

Helpful tips when thinking about food:

  • Get back into the kitchen.
  • Master the market (local farmer’s markets, specialty stores, farms).
  • Eat vegetables and fruits “from the rainbow” each day. 
  • Use recipes/ make foods rather than buy processed/boxed meals.
  • Choose organic and/or local when you can.
  • Skip the sugar (limit white sugar) and enjoy the real flavor of foods.
  • Use lots of fresh herbs and spices.
  • Listen to your body (balance rest and activity each day).
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Limit red meat and avoid processed, cured, salted meats.  
  • Eat protein with each meal. (beans, lentils, seeds and nuts are all great sources of protein. If you do eat animal foods choose grass fed meats, fish, free range poultry and organic dairy).

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