We had a grand time at the Wellness Center’s Couples Retreat last weekend – including making our own lunch! I provided the recipes and a little assistance, and everyone just jumped in. How much fun it is – to cook and eat together. Thought I’d share our dessert recipe. We served the fruit over “Whole Fruit” brand sorbet. If you haven’t enjoyed “Whole Fruit” sorbet, you need to try it – so delicious. My favorite two flavors are lemon and mango, but there are lots more to try. The fruit topping is so easy, and looks beautiful, too. A perfect ending for a fun day together.

Fresh Berry Parfaits with Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet

2 -4 Cups Fresh Berries
1 Orange
1 Lime
1/4 Cup Raw Sugar
Citrus Sorbet

Step One
Wash the berries, and if necessary hull them

Step Two
In a large bowl, macerate (crush gently with a spoon), the Berries with 1 freshly squeezed orange and its zest, and 1 freshly squeezed lime and its zest and 1/4 cup raw sugar. Set aside for 15 – 30 minutes. Serve over frozen citrus sorbet or yogurt.

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