I’ve had received several emails lately that have asked me just what I put on the delicious chicken skewers served at the John Fox Poetry Reception, StoryCorp Reception and SuperFoods Luncheon at the Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center. The secret is Signature Spice from Modern Day Masala. It’s a versatile spice blend from those fun and smart folks over at MDM – you can add it to almost anything and the results are wonderful. Just make a paste with Signature Spice and a little extra virgin olive oil, massage into chicken breast or thigh pieces and toss in the frig for a few hours. When you are ready, remove from the marinade, load onto soaked bamboo skewers and cook on the grill, or in a 400F oven for about 10 minutes. Make a quick dipping sauce with a mixture of sweet chili sauce, (sambal oleck), minced red onion, chopped fresh mango and a little chopped cilantro. That’s it – done! Here’s a link to the website, so you can purchase Signature Spice yourself: www.ModernDayMasala.com

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