We took a drive up to East Cobb this morning for a real buzz! Here’s a gathering of car enthusiasts who meet once a month, (first Sunday), to show off their beauties. And what a bunch they are – from old jalopies to state of the art Ferraris, they all sparkle and shine like you can’t believe. We had lots of fun admiring the cars and chatting up the owners. And for brunch we headed to Cafe de Paris, a locally owned small French cafe specializing in simple French food. Our group indulged in authentic cappuccinos, wonderful eggs benedict and mouthwatering soups and sandwiches. One standout was the artichoke lemon soup. The service was quick and cheerful – a happy thing on a Sunday morning! Cafe de Paris is just one of the good brunch offerings on Johnson Ferry for a Sunday morning, you can also slide right into a branch of Goldberg’s Deli or a outpost of the Flying Biscuit.

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