I’ve been sending out information about my appearances on Everyday with Marcus and Lisa, but thought I would include a couple of pictures so you can see the beautiful set.  From the producers to the directors to the friendly and helpful talent coordinator to the excellent camera crew and production assistants, the staff is wonderful! And show hosts Marcus and Lisa are down to earth, genuinely likable people who would make great next door neighbors. I enjoy listening to their interesting and entertaining monologue as I prepare the food for my segment. I am planning on posting my episodes to the website, so you can them here as well. Check out the pictures: I’m in the kitchen preparing Pine Nut and Pecorino Chicken, and with my fellow guest, author Kathy Pride. You can learn all about Kathy at www.KathyPride.com. You can check out Everyday with Marcus and Lisa at http://www.familynet.com/site/c.rwL5KhNXLtH/b.3833637/k.94E1/EveryDay_with_Marcus__Lisa.htm

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