A Great Farm Location, Baskets of Produce, Piles of Plates, 2 Talented Photographers, 7 Creative Professionals and 40 Great Pictures…

Here are a couple of shots from last week’s food styling workshop for Slow Food Madison. (A world-wide organization promoting going back to the family table.) The day was beautiful , starting with a 6 am trip to the Madison Wisconsin Farmers Market – the largest producer-only market in the United States. How difficult to choose what to shoot, because of the abundance of incredible fruits and veggies! At  9 am we headed towards Goose Chaser Farm, where the owner, Stef Culberson greeted us with eggs and wonderful sausage. If you have never had fresh eggs – oh, the color is so yellow – and they taste rich and creamy. The hearty breakfast kept us going throughout the day. We cooked, styled and worked with photographers Grace Natoli and Eric Futran to make the beautiful produce we purchased at the farmers market transform into a story of good food and family for Slow Food Madison. At the end of the day, we were exhausted, but proud of our work. I’ll share more pictures from the day on my “Food, Beautiful Food” webpage, soon.

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